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Are you planting a hedge? whether it's a boxwood, a cedar, or a laurel hedge, AG drip will effectively water it. AG drip emits a 60th of a gallon per foot, per minute. Allowing for gradual watering, and very little waste. Let's make Victoria a true garden city. save water and still keep the beauty in your yard!



Are your gardens getting watered unevenly? Is there wet areas in some spots, and dry areas in others? Get your nozzles changed to low-flow precision nozzles, for an even distribution of water. This simple fix can save on water consumption and make your plants thrive! Victoria needs more water conscious residents, and this is one way to contribute.



If you like having lush green lawn, and you don't like paying for the water to keep it that way. MP Rotators are a simple way to achieve that. Replace your old slobbering rotors that are a jet stream of waste, with the efficient MP Rotator. They use 30% less water and achieve the same level of green. Get an upgrade right here in Victoria!


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